Tech + Life Podcast Episode 1 with David Oneal

In this episode , David Oneal takes you into the world of the Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistant battles that are shaping up as 2019 begins this year. 

Plus David Oneal talks about the aweosme and a little strange practice called brain spotting

Amazon Alexa VS Google Home Systems

There are plenty of choices when it comes to smart speakers at the start of 2019 now, with everything from the tablet like displays to little echo dot and dot clone like speakers all over the market, and it’s not always easy to figure out which of these systems works for you. 

I started in 2016 with one Amazon device and had that for nearly 2 years before I even wanted more, to me it was to play my spotify playlist and really that was it. It was better than just a blue tooth speaker as it really allowed me to use my phone for other things and have the internet play music. Well now – everything changed as I added more smart devices and more assistants and now its called a smart home lol. 

But despite this revolution, this remains one of my favorite ways for playing music, and changing my lights and checking my secuirty cameras that are all connected to the house.

Pricewiase, the Amazon Echo is one of the best smart value around. 

US  $99.99 ($AU119), £89.99 in the UK.

However, I strongly prefer and recomend the Google Home. 

It costs $129 (£129, $AU199), and they have  offers all the time to get it for under $100 bucks if you just search a bit. 

Having used both, Google Home wins in every way and amazon is just rather icky to me after using the routines, and ease of use with the Google system, and being a Apple fan – I could never recommend the Apple Pod – it sucks and that is being kind.