About David Oneal

About David Oneal

David John Oneal is an American director, producer, writer, on-camera host and video editor best known for his documentary company( Extinct Attractions ) that chronicled Disneyland and theme park history. His videos were eventually archived at The Disney Studios and he worked with Roy Disney on creating these films as well as other notable people like Art Linkletter, Neil Patrick Harris, and John Stamos as well as numerous Disney Imaginners such as Bob Gurr, Alice Davis, X Atencio, and voice talents like Katherine Beaumont and Thurl Ravenscroft

David Oneal is also well known for his YouTube series called That Drone Show and International Drone Day ( a worldwide day where over 150 team captains in all corners of the world celebrate drones. A film called The Drone Invasion tells the story of this worldwide day was directed by David Oneal and stars world-famous hypnotist Anthony Cools.

David's marketing company produced the first ever broadcast and social media for the Vuzix CES 2017 Drone Racing Cup, the International Drone Expo Racing Cup as well as the SoCalMaker Drone Racing Cup.

David hosts the Interdrone Drone Film Festival held every year in Las Vegas and has done so since 2015

For a full list of video credits please visit here or see David Oneal's IMDB.

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