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David Oneal favorite video projects

David John Oneal is a video editor and director as well as he hosts TV shows and documentaries. Here are some of Dave Oneal’s favorite videos he created. – David John Oneal 2020 Disneyland Monoral video with Bob Gurr by David John oneal

International Drone Day 2019 – 5th Year in a row

Drones continue to be an often controversial topic, and so International Drone Day 2017 is set to be even larger than last year. Hundreds of teams throughout the world will hold events to educate those outside of the drone community about the many positive ways in which drones are used to better society. The mantra…

Computer History Museum

David Oneal takes us to the Computer History Museum (CHM) is a museum established in 1996 in Mountain View, California, US. The museum is dedicated to preserving and presenting the stories and artifacts of the information age, and exploring the computing revolution and its impact on society. The museum’s origins date to 1968 when Gordon Bell began a quest for a historical collection and, at that…

Disney Extinct Attractions

This is a post I made in 2006 and I wanted to preserve it here on my site for anyone who wants more details on my Disney Theme Parks documentaries that I produced from 1998 to 2010 In 1985, my heart was broken when my favorite attraction “Adventure Thru Inner Space” was closed. I was…

David Oneal Moment Lens for iPhone and Android review

Wow! I have used a lot of cameras and lenses since I was 8 and I’m in total love with the Moment lens system. Why? Because moment allows you to take your iPhone or other mobile phone and turn the ordinary boring phone into an amazing advanced DSLR camera! It’s truly amazing.

David John Oneal : The history of Apple Computer

David Oneal travels to San Francisco California to visit the birth place of Apple computer and learns from Steve Jobs exactly what the Apple Blue Box was.. Its a fun trip to history with David John Oneal.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi with David Oneal

Let’s go to a theme park built on pure adrenaline with David John Oneal and his flying drones over Abu Dhabi theme park today. Ignite happiness at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi with rides and attractions for everyone in the family.

David John Oneal Super Cars

David Oneal takes us to the amazing annual Top Marques Monaco auto show where super cars are the main attraction.