About David Oneal

David Oneal started as a video editor and camera person in 1991 with a dream to work for large TV productions..

  • In 1995, he was working on the Howard Stern Show and Talk Soup, and was on the show team that won the first Emmy for E!.  David did both offline editing ( creative editing), and he also enjoyed working as a finishing editor ( online editor )

  • Two years later, his dream came true to work for Moden Video Film in Burbank, where he was an online editor for the top television shows in the world, including Friends, Walker Texas Ranger, and he delivered the very first digital online masters for the famous NBC show Profiler. he also did many visual effects for Sabrina the Teenage Witch in addition to online editing.

  • David Oneal was one of the first video editors in Hollywood to deliver finished programs and TV movies to air on broadcast television on the Avid editing system.
  • David worked on many music video projects for Back Street Boys and New Kids on the Block as well. David worked on numerous animation projects like The Pj's

  • In the year 2000, David Oneal had three shows on Thursday night on broadcast television that he was the online editor for; they include Friends on NBC, Mercy Point on FOX, and Suddenly Susan all on the same night.  David also worked on the pilot and season one of Malcolm in the Middle.  

  • David Oneal worked on numerous made for TV movies like The Jesse Ventura Story, Pirates of Silicon Valley, and Waking Sleeping Beauty fro Roy Disney.  Dave Oneal also worked on some fun shows like the Human Wrecking balls for Paramount Television. He did a fun show for the History Channel called UFO Hunters.

  • Also, from 1998 to 2010, David Oneal produced and Directed a series of long-form documentaries about the history of theme parks. This series was called Extinct Attractions. David interviewed over 100 people who worked with Walt Disney to create the Disneyland rides and shows we all enjoy today. The series gained the respect of the Walt Disney Company when they took all his films into the Disney archives in 2007. 
  • David Oneal worked directly with Roy Disney on many of the later titles and created a book on the history of Disneyland from 1955 to now. 
  • David Continued as a video editor from the 90's until 2011 when he became a producer and on-camera host for a series on technology and automobiles. The series was on nationwide cable with over 200 million views from 2011-2019.  David wrote, directed, hosted, and edited the series.

  • David Oneal loves using tech, and created a series called That Drone Show and a car series called That Electric Car Show as well.
  • David Oneal is a skilled video director and editor and specializes in promotional video and web content.
  • For a full list of video credits, please visit here or see David Oneal’s IMDB.
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David Oneal has millions of TV viewers of his travel and technology shows and millions of views on his various YouTube uploads

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David Oneal is also well known for his A film called The Drone Invasion tells the story of this worldwide day was directed by David Oneal and stars world-famous hypnotist Anthony Cools.

For a full list of video credits please visit here or see David Oneal's IMDB

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