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 David Oneal and Drones 

Dave Oneal Drone Show

Dave Oneal shot, directed, and edited this documentary on the drone industry and the film was premiered at the LA Film Festival in downtown Los Angeles in 2016

Drones with Dave Oneal

David Oneal takes us to explore what happens when you add smoke grenades to drone racers on the set of a commercial in the palm springs area.

David Oneal drone photography

Dave Oneal is a FAA approved drone pilot and does work for many high end agencies and OEMs. David John Oneal is a safe drone pilot who delivers more than the client would expect and is a damn happy person about it as well. 

David Oneal and his dog fly a drone

David Oneal first drone crash 2014

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Dave oneal

On the set of a commerical 

David j oneal

directing a video 

Dave john oneal

David and his crew 

David John Oneal

David on a drone race in vegas

David John Oneal

David Oneal editor /director

Dave Oneal works on Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Avid, After effects, and anything that is creative and fun!

David Oneal can do anything, yes he thinks that.


David can shoot your video

Dave John Oneal has a had a video camera strapped to his neck since about 1981 and has never stopped loving video recording. 


David can edit your video

Dave Oneal has been editing since 1981 with film and since 1993 as a professional. He knows what a good video is and can deliver it for you


David can create your website 

David John Oneal has been creating web content since the year 1997, wow he is getting old!


David can market your event or product

David Oneal sounds full-on himself, but its true he can do all this for you, and it will be awesome, guaranteed

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