Video Director

David John Oneal is a skilled director and is well versed in video production, having spend nearly 15 years behind the camera as a director.  

On Camera Host

David John Oneal has hosted national TV shows, documentaries, award shows, travel shows and direct response television and more

Video Editor

David John Oneal has done a wide variety of video editing projects, including the TV series' "Friends" "Walker Texas Ranger", as well as numerous national commercials, training videos, marketing videos, and more.  

Tech + Life Podcast Episode 1 with David Oneal

By David Oneal | January 2, 2019

his episode , David Oneal takes you into the world of the Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistant battles that are shaping up as 2019 begins this year.

Vader Ep 1 – Star Wars Fan Film

By David Oneal | December 29, 2018

Wow! I have been influenced by and deeply loved Star Wars since I was 6 years old and I could not believe the quality, depth and amazing film making that this fan created film brings to the screen.

David Oneal Moment Lens for iPhone and Android review

By David Oneal | November 20, 2018

Wow! I have used a lot of cameras and lenses since I was 8 and I’m in total love with the Moment lens system. Why? Because moment allows you to take your iPhone or other mobile phone and turn the ordinary boring phone into an amazing advanced DSLR camera! It’s truly amazing.

David John Oneal : The history of Apple Computer

By David Oneal | October 20, 2018

David Oneal travels to San Francisco California to visit the birth place of Apple computer and learns from Steve Jobs exactly what the Apple Blue Box was.. Its a fun trip to history with David John Oneal.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi with David Oneal

By David Oneal | August 20, 2018

Let’s go to a theme park built on pure adrenaline with David John Oneal and his flying drones over Abu Dhabi theme park today. Ignite happiness at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi with rides and attractions for everyone in the family.

David John Oneal Super Cars

By David Oneal | July 20, 2018

David Oneal takes us to the amazing annual Top Marques Monaco auto show where super cars are the main attraction.

Trade Show Video

Commercial for Interdrone
Directed by David Oneal


Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes
Training video series
Directed by David Oneal


Kia Commercial

Commercial for Kia
Directed by David Oneal


The Drone Invasion

The Drone Invasion
Directed By David Oneal


Live Drone Racing

2017 Live Drone Racing
Directed By David Oneal


Truck Parts Promo

Alliance Truck Parts Promo
Directed by David Oneal

About David

David John Oneal is an American director, producer, writer, on-camera host and video editor best known for his documentary company( Extinct Attractions ) that chronicled Disneyland and theme park history. He is also a television editor and host of many travel and tech shows, and is well know as part host of That Drone Show. 

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The Drone Invasion

David Oneal has produced and directed over 30 documentary films, his latest one deals with the fear and worry over drones. The Drone Invasion has premiered in 2016 at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and toured around the country, is is now on Amazon Prime.

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Books & Projects

David has authored several books, created special events, web sites, and community projects. International Drone Day  is a world wide day that celebrates drones all over the globe every year in May.

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Documentary Work

David loves to produce and direct documentaries on popular culture, from Disney to Drones. Take a look at his latest work.

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